Our names are Brittany and Dennis and we are the founders and artists behind Rivas Images.

Rivas Images is a family-run business, established in 2016, that provides photography and cinematography services along the coastal panhandle region of Northwest Florida (AKA the Emerald Coast). Our primary focus is on providing lifestyle portrait photography, boudoir photography, and wedding photography & cinematography services (although we are open to custom projects.)

Before founding Rivas Images we made a living bartending and serving in casual fine-dining settings but also spent a fair amount of time in banquet operations. Between us, we spent over 15 years working throughout the hospitality industry in various capacities, however, in 2014 our daughter was born and we soon realized that we would not be able to continue working in the industry without sacrificing time with each other and our daughter. It was at this impasse that Rivas Images came to be; by connecting our banquet experience and extensive customer service training with our passions for creating art and capturing the beauty in life we were able to create our own business and take control of our family’s future.

Given our experience in banquets, we felt very comfortable moving right into wedding photography. Our first client was a 50+ person wedding referred to us by a very good friend. Since then we’ve captured almost a dozen weddings and worked with dozens of clients after expanding our services to include lifestyle portrait photography and boudoir photography (Don’t worry, Brittany handles ALL of the boudoir stuff.)

To Recap:

  • We love capturing the beauty in life through art.
  • We love helping our clients preserve their memories and feelings forever.
  • We love being positive role models for our daughter.
  • We love what we do.
  • We don’t plan on going anywhere but up and helping out other artists along the way.

Our Mantra:

Capture the beauty in life

The Difference:

We separate ourselves from the competition by providing first-class customer service and employ modern technology to ensure that every project we work on is tailored to our clients’ specific needs, desires, and character and is as convenient as possible from start to finish.

Fun Facts:

  • We have been dating for over 6 years and have a 4-year old daughter.
  • We are your typical millennials, we prefer experiences over possessions.
  • We enjoy the finer things in life: good wine, good beer, good food, good art, and good people.
  • We love craft bartending
  • We love longboarding
  • Brittany loves scary movies, Dennis loves comedy
  • We have a 5-year old iguana named Yoshi
  • Brittany is from Huntington Beach, California and spent her life between Florida and California.
  • Dennis is from Santa Fe, New Mexico and spent his life moving all over the country.